Something is bothering your child, but he won't talk to you about it.
You've tried all means to help, but the problem is still bothering him.
You wish to have all the answers as a parent, but you don't.

Parenting is hard work.

Your child is struggling academically.
You enroll your child in enrichment classes in an effort to re-engage him in learning.
You tried "everything" and nothing seems to unlock your child's potentials, academically and emotionally.

You wish your child can succeed traditionally.

You may notice signs and symptoms of your child's emotional instability.
You love your child and you want to help.
But you truly aren't sure how.

There is hope. I promise. And I can help.

Hi. I'm Angela and I help people make empathetic connection with children, so that they flourish and thrive in life. I teach ways of interacting with children that enrich their lives and honoring them for who they truly are. I build their confidence and raise their self-esteem through creative coaching and therapeutic art experiences.